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Well, how shall I start?

My and my boyfriend decided to make love for the first time and it was the first for both of us. We decided to not use a condom the first time he puts it in and then take it out and put the condom on and continue, but I guess he got so turned on that he came right after 30 secs, he pulled it out and he enjaculated outside of me. After that we decided to make love again and we only had one more condom left, we used it, finished. Later on that day we decided to do it again and we did it without a condom, when he pulled it out he placed underneath me which made me feel like the sperm might slip in me.

I am very scared, because my abdomen is feeling weird, I am still waiting for my period which is suppose to come in about 1 week. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came negative, but the abdomen issue worries me.

I need help. Thank you!


I had unprotected sex on the night of Friday, 26. May around 3am. It was around the time of my ovulation (online calenders predict am most fertile between 26-28th May).

I took the EllaOne morning after pill 5-6 hours later (at 9am), but had pain around my back and abdominal area earlier before taking the pill, so I thought I may be ovulating already.

On Monday, 29. May (3 days later) I went to the clinic and had the Copper IUD inserted as emergency prevention. It was not as painful as other women have described and the cramps only lasted one night. I have been having some white/light brown discharge since Monday.

On Wednesday (5 days later), I noticed light brown discharge. I put my finger in my vagina and then an amount of light brown muscus filled discharge with blood was on the toilet paper. I freaked out as I thought this could be implantation bleeding. I wiped again and got some light pinkish spots on the toilet paper.

Since then I didnt get much discharge. Very little light brown, but only when I wipe. No more pink discharge. I do have on and off cramping on my right side.

Does this mean I'm pregnant?! I have one week until my period. I'm worried it is ectopic because of the copper IUD.