ok am really worrie am pregnat well this is what heppen i lost my virginity on a sunday the next day my stomach was hurting i dont know if its normal because it was my first time ???.... then took the after pill the second day that happen two days later i took a pregnancy test and came out neg then i waited 2 more days and took another one and came out neg i took the pregnancy test because it was al ready 5 days late from my period.but then the next sat i was discharging brownish thing the whole day to wear a pantiliner the next day i started bleeding heavy enough to change my tampone almost every 4 hours with cramping but am not sure if its my period or vaginald bleeding today its the 4rt day and still bleeding not alot but still if it is my period could it be that it was late because of the after pill ?? ..i have NO symtoms i just feel blowded like really fat am really worry i am i been so depprees and so stresss out because im worry i am and the only reason i haven gone to the doc is because i have no insurance :-( plz help anyone