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I had a Colon Resection 2 1/2 years ago and I have been suffering ever since with diahrrea 3 or 4 times a day. I had Stage 1 Cancer. My surgery was done laproscopically as I thought I would heal faster then regular open surgery. Boy, was I fooled. I am still suffering the terrible pains. awful gas, unbelievable stomach rumbling can be heard across the room. Very embarrassing. I have had some very embarrassing accidents shopping in supermarkets and had to leave the wagon and run out of the store as I was a mess !!!

It's been a long time now and I don't see any relief. The Surgeon told me to take Benefiber Tablets - didn't help. Went to a Gastro man and he put me on some kind of powder to dissolve in liquid. I chose Orange Juice and I still tasted the grit. Now I went to a well known Gastro man that says he can help me. He is rated very highly and has cured many people with stomach ailments of all sorts.

I had my 5th Colonoscopy the other day and I am waiting for the results. Due to the very bad weather, I may have to wait till next week.


i just had a colon resection in November of last year. I'm still in the healing process. i have gone through so much since my surgery.
my bowels shut down, fevered chills as well as painful bm's accompanied by lots of blood most of the time. I'm taking the benifiber tablets
and they seem to help with going, but as far as you having diahrrea, the best thing i can suggest is trying to take kaeopectate? i think thats how it's spelled. also, increase your fiber, vegetables, whole grain, even things such as soy(soy dream, rice dream) helps. it might not work overnight but in about a few days it will differ from what you're experiencing. good luck.

oh yeah, you should try keeping your sugar intake to a minimum... sugar increases diahrrea =(