okay first of all hello everyone hope you all had or are having a nice day:)

Okay now, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2days before ovulation, then 1.5 weeks later i took a PT because my breasts were swollen and tender, and i was getting headaches and consipation, but it was Negative, the next day 18 nov wednesday i started what i thougt was a period only it wasn't heavy my periods always start off heavy and fill the pad out, but it wasnt and it was brown then turned red with bits of tiny clotss really tiny and then on friday it was gone only brownish pink discharge, now it saturday and im gettin pink discharge when i wipre and i had pink discharge on my knickers so im confused could i still be pregnant or is it somethin else, if youve bin in this situation or know someone who has let me know that would be great thanks and blessing to you all :-D