Im 18 and had sex about 3 weeks ago. He said that he pulled out but i know that doesnt mean anything. Since then ive been having weird stomach pains above my belly button, grumbling in my stomach even after i eat, and ive been bumping and having gas. My back has also been giving a lot of pain. My family is know for their bad backs so thats not a big deal. And i was supposed to start my period on tuesday and its now thursday. Im usually all around the place and never at the same time though. is there anyway i could be pregnant please give me some help
I read that it could also be IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. I also read that sometimes you bleed when the sperm meets the egg and the egg breaks and the fetus is growing. And that you have morning sickness but i haven't done either of those. Please i need some advice and i cant talk to my mom because she will kick me out of the house