Im a 22 year old female waiting on a cystoscopy for possible interstitial cystitis, and have been waiting for almost 2 years now. Just recently i went to my doctor because i had diarrhea lasting for a few days, since then, i have had to take imodium 3 times a week to stop my diarrhea and cramping, abdominal pain etc. as of now i am waiting on a colonoscopy. i have had stool samples done for parasites and nothing came up. on september 5, 2008 i went to see a naturalpathy doctor who gave me a few herbs (Roberts Complex Digestion, HMF Forte, D4 Minerals, and NurtriBiotic Tablets) I have also tryed changing my diet, i went wheat/gluten/dairy/sugar free for 3 weeks now and only noticed a change in the first week. I have been feeling more sick than ever for the last 5 days now! horrible diarrhea that my Imodium cant fix, cramping, abdominal pain, back pain, and my stomach is killing me, like its burning! So i went back on my normal diet 2 days ago and still really sick! everytime i eat i feel sick, and my stomach feels empty again, then continue to feel sick for almost the rest of the day!! i cant do this anymore and im desperate for help!