I had unprotected sex on the night of Friday, 26. May around 3am. It was around the time of my ovulation (online calenders predict am most fertile between 26-28th May).


I took the EllaOne morning after pill 5-6 hours later (at 9am),  but had pain around my back and abdominal area earlier before taking the pill, so I thought I may be ovulating already.


On Monday, 29. May (3 days later) I went to the clinic and had the Copper IUD inserted as emergency prevention. It was not as painful as other women have described and the cramps only lasted one night. I have been having some white/light brown discharge since Monday.


On Wednesday (5 days later), I noticed light brown discharge. I put my finger in my vagina and then an amount of light brown muscus filled discharge with blood was on the toilet paper. I freaked out as I thought this could be implantation bleeding. I wiped again and got some light pinkish spots on the toilet paper.


Since then I didnt get much discharge. Very little light brown, but only when I wipe. No more pink discharge. I do have on and off cramping on my right side.


Does this mean I'm pregnant?! I have one week until my period. I'm worried it is ectopic because of the copper IUD.