This is sort of embarrassing but I had HoLEP 4 weeks ago.  Everything went well but I have experienced 2 issues that concern me.  1.)  When I hug my wife, I involuntarily leak a few drops of urine - this has happened several times.  I am doing the Kegel exercises to help with control of the pelvic floor muscles but I do not leak at any other time.  Have not had sex yet but plan on doing so shortly.  Secondly, I noticed that before the operation and when I had sex, the penis would naturally be flacid, very limp, lacked fullness and appeared to shrink in size - this was understandable.  After about 4 days of not having sex, the penis would start appearing fuller, heavier, slightly more rigid and longer, like I was ready for sex.  Now, after HoLEP, I find that the penis is remaining flacid, lacking fullness and appeared to shrink in size.  Is this normal?  I do have the normal morning salutes but not as strong as before and not as frequent.  Any help would be appreciated.