Since I had been lurking on this web site for over a year before having the HoLEP procedure, I thought it only fair to share my experiences in the hope that it will help other considering this procedure.  My prostrate was enlarged, and was causing me to get up 6 – 8 times at night - apparently I was not completely empting my bladder.  I had a weak stream and also had, on occasion, leakage.


Dr. Amy Kremback did my procedure on The 15th of May 2018 at IU Medical Center, Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  I live about 2 hours away from Indianapolis, so my wife and I drove down the night before.  After the operation, we drove back to our motel and I spend the remaining day, in our room.  I was not in a lot of pain, but was uncomfortable at times, primarily because of the catheter.  The next morning, I was in Dr. Krembaeck’s office for the removal of the catheter.  I was told that once the catheter was removed, and I urinated, I could go home.  The procedure was: remove the catheter bag, but leave the catheter tube in place. A bag of saline solution was connected to the catheter tube and by way of gravity, 200 cc was put back in my bladder.  The catheter tube was then removed. I was told, I needed to return 200 cc of fluid in a container jug before I would be dismissed.  If I could not do that, the catheter would be reinserted.  Luckily, I was able to return the fluid and after some additional instructions, I was able to go home.


The first week:  I did have blood in the urine.  I was told was normal but should clear up in a week or so, but could persist for up to a month.  I also had painful burning not only while starting and urinating, but also for about 5 minutes after finishing.  At night, I had a few seconds of delay in starting to urinate, and the burning was a bit more intense.  I presumed this was normal and other than these issues, I was not having any problems.  I was also leaking, but this was expected and really not much of a problem.  Following instructions and did not lift anything over 10 pounds and pretty much took things easy during this first week.  I felt fine.


The second week:  I saw much less blood in my urine and at times did not see any discoloration.  The burning, while still present, was subsiding.  Still some incontinence, but I used a light pad and it did not bother me at all.


The third week:  I have resumed normal activities, except for riding my bike.  I play pickleball, golf and work out at the fitness center.  I am not seeing any blood and only on occasion do have any burning.  I do still wear a light pad and occasionally leak when passing gas, laughing hard and sneezing.  I am doing the exercises to strengthen my pelvic muscles so I presume in a few months I will not have this problem.  Wearing a light pad is not a big deal for me.  It does not affect my quality of life.  I have not notice any effect on my sex drive or performance.  So, after three weeks, I am very happy with the results.  I am sleeping much better and getting up once or twice at night to urinate.  My stream is much stronger.