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Hi everyone. I'm perplexed about this, and have been my entire life. First off, I've always been tall and fairly large (right now I'm 21 y/o, 6'4" and about 350 lbs+/-. All my life I've had a very small penis when flaccid; sometimes it would be completely inside, where nothing but the "pouch" (which is just a fat deposit in the pelvic region) and my testicles can be see, as well as a bit of foreskin. Now, I'm circumcised, but general practice at the time of my circumcision (at birth) was to leave a little extra foreskin. When I'm erect, my penis is at least 5.5", most of the time (but depending on arousal) I'm 6-6.5" erect. Any thoughts on this? Each time I've had a physical, the Dr. mentions a hydrocele/seal, but I've never asked what it was. Having done my own research, I don't believe it's a hydro. Any help/thoughts/ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much!


I have the same problem I’m 16 and I’m 6 foot 3 230lb and its been bugging me for alot for over 3 years I never told anyone about this because I'm too nervous/embarrassed to tell anyone about it I know this was posted about 2 years ago but if you found out anything about it please let me know what it is and if there anything to fix the problem and if I should worry about it affecting my life (I wana lose my virginity someday)


Hi there .. I was looking around and came across this page. I'm 33 and have a small looking penis when flaccid. It grows to about 5.5" when I'm aroused. I looked at some sites on line and basically learned that penises come in all different shapes/sizes and behave in different ways too. The website below is general, but informative.

The other thing that I was interested in was sometimes when I'm with someone and am excited ... my penis remains in a flaccid state .. and then later gets hard. I kind of guessed that this must something to do with me being nervous, and I guess it turns out to be true. The penis is hooked up to the sympathetic nervous system and any kind of psychological stress/nervousness can have a kind of "drawing in the reins" effect on the penis .. shrinking it in (just like when it's cold). I hate it lol .. but i guess i just need to chill out out about it. Also, apparently this is common for some people when they first meet ... being nervous etc. Cause sometimes when i'm act home and chilling out (and in a relaxed state, with nothing on my mind) i look at my penis and it is longer and hangs more in a flaccid state. So i guess i need to chill the f**k out a bit.

It's a tricky situation ... the small flaccid state causes stress and the stress causes the small flaccid penis :-( lol



i've heard that your size is about average, so i wouldn't worry. i also wouldn't worry b/c i don't think girls talk about that kind of stuff as much as you think. I have been asked by my guy friends how big the guys i've been with are and i honestly don't take much notice. they don't believe me, but i honestly don't remember the size of a guy, but rather the performance.

It seems that guys have a bigger obsession with it than girls do. as long as you're good with what you've got, you'll be fine.

And don't be so self conscious. if you mention it to the girl, she will notice, and a lack of confidence will probably make you bad in bed.


i dont think you guys need to worry, i only came across this because my boyfriend suffers from nervousness and i think it is as said earlier because we have not known eachother long. i think if you care about the person you are with and they care about you they will be more than willing to wait and help you to enjoy it too. i dont think by hiding the situation or not teling her will help because she is less likely to understand. be open, honest and enjoy working it out together.


hi guys. same problem...small flaccid penis. it also varies a lot in size. I am not too tall. 5'9/9.5 but am muscular and weigh 228 pounds. i will admit my penis is not that big erect either- 5.5in - bt it is small flaccid- normally 2.5 inch!! bt it shrinks a lot smaller...if i am busy, stressd, or tired it is much small--nearer 1.5 inch. my doctor says that it is stress that causes me to have a smaller flaccid penis.

But i also noticed it changes in size a lot more than most others. As u have probably guessed, i like working out. Except after a strong work out, my penis is inverted completely and my balls shrivel out tiny. it is very embarrassing in the locker rooms, but i am used to it now and i get a lot of stares in the showers. but at the same time if i am relaxed and wandering around my flat naked i am over 3 inch!

i got some tips though, that help it get bigger flaccid...but only temporarily. The scent of lavender and ginger (as well as eating ginger) increase bloodflow and make your flaccid penis bigger for a while...its good for a date (as long as you don't get nervous and then it shrivels up again!!!


I have the same problem I'm over 6 inches w/ good girth when erect but when it's flaccid it can get real small, even when I'm not cold. It's really embarrasing when with a woman. I was obese for about 19 years of my life so I don't know if that effects it or not. I'm not
overweight now I'm actually slender and does it seem better than when I was younger. I have read some theories that stress, anxiety, or nervousness can be a part of the problem. This does seem to make sense since it seems worse when I start worrying about something. When I'm at home alone my penis seems like it is bigger when flaccid. I do not know what the solution is to this problem besides surgery. I've seen some pills and patches or what not but that stuff is all a hoax from what I understand. If anyone knows differently, please enlighten us.


My thought's and hopefully helping YOU stopping thinking YOU are not Good Enough SIZE....

I am 44 and In another Relationship had been married (5 yrs) long time ago had long term reltionship (7 yrs) and slept with alot of women. (Around about 50)..

Never ever has anyone complained Never... Even heard of some women who have wanted sex with me because what they heard from othe women what i am like in bed... Oh am 5'5" erected... flaccid shrinks to some small godly size (( where the hell has it gone))

Your problem you have is somethink you will suffer all your life (I Still Do)
Hopefully this help's Your conifidence.....

Not big enough... Not sure if you do it, but i Stare most of the time at bloke's lunch boxes ... see if they have a big pouch i look at mine when buying new jeans and trouser's wanting want i see of other men... (( But what you got to realise men who have these showing lunch boxes are still the same as YOU erected most of them... ))

cause they will rub up close to the women what you wanting to do BUT Your insecurity Does not allow you ..(( now that not going to pull a women trust me but i am hoping you thinking SAME thoughts like i DO and we are on the right track's.))

Pulling and going to bed with a girl/ woman

IT's that awful SIZE when drinking/ or just a week night when flaccid can sometimes be 2" or less flaccid on alchol when you have not pulled a girl on a night out and you sit at home on your own you are trying to erouse it and it don't Happen (( cause you worried about the size more than the exictment))...
Now you start thinking when you do pull a women you will not get eroused straight away.Cause you are thinking about that awful flaccid SMALL SMALL SMALL what will she think that (( TinyThing)) so you try and keep it away until it feel's like a good size and if you do get it up and you have done the business you wanting to cover up cause you no it going to shrink to that awful Size (( Tiny )) ...

The problem starts When you start chatting to a female the insecurity of being small start's ... You really wanting her after a while to see and feel your lunch box but it all start's flowing in your head and that's when your erousal button stop's working.....

IF YOU start to get eroused with alchol or without alchol you start worrying is 5.5" big enough for her.....

As someone said earlier you can be seating or walking around the house with it about 3" - 4" Flaccid you wanting like it to look like that especially when you have meet a women ever saturday night or in the week or just with your partner.. You Look in the mirror going ya i the Man 3-4" !!! (( when on your own ))

Well you will be thinking like that all your life most men are the same as us once erected but you feel Everyone is bigger than you Everyone

Well lad's i should really take my own advise but i do hope you take it on board cause i am 44

Stop Worrying

Most men with that lunch box showing is the same size once erected just bigger Testicle's

Problem we have is we see a bloke with 3" - 5" flaccid and you think what size will he grow to 10" cause your 1"-2" size become's 3 times the size it is when erected ...Well we are really the lucky one's cause our's grow 3 time's the length some of them poor sod's don't grow at all...

So guy's feel confident when you go out and have a great time and don't worry dance with that women have a laugh with her and feel confident about yourself (( most men are the same size REMEMBER THAT )) cause making a women laugh you will get further than gridding you package up her....!!!

Trust me that's 1 of my sercet's Make them laugh....

Another 1 is for confidence if you think you are going to take some1 home... hour before leaving a club don't drink as much,, drink water sorry to say this but take Kamarga or vigra help's the blood flow to that terrible flaccid size you hate it is of a size you will like and then Happy day's that if you want to sleep with that women you can walk into your house or her's and just be like the film's you watch being erotic rather than worrying about that awful size.....

Now i have lived with this all my life worried about getting undress infront of bloke's staying undress in front of women once all is done .. but that is a suffering you will always have unless you deal with it but i have one think that i can say now is i have slept with alot of women so i cannot be that small and alot of them i have seriously gave them the best night ever (( that's not being big headed)) .. even without a 7-10: penis..... but it will always be in my head i am small flaccid and am i not big enough at 5.5"

But 5.5" is good enough

Anyway good luck you lot hope it has helped you out
rather than saying what a load of c**p i have wrote...

You and i not alone
You problem is flaccid cause erected your are so okay trust me ........

And now i am thinking about trying a enlargement pill just to really see if it work's so that flaccid side can be torn away from my life and if it worked on a 44 yr old will it would work for you lot.....

let's give it a go what's the worse thing can happen it dosn,t get any bigger Flaccid.......


Hey everybody.. I'm a straight, 28 year old male. Just wanted to put this up because it made me aware that there are others who have the same problem and I feel a lot better and at ease since I ran into this thread... hope my 2 sense helps somebody in the world feel better too.

My earliest memories of dealing with the issue were around puberty in the group showers at camp. I admit I personally have the smallest flacid penis I have EVER seen. Its practically inverted into my body sometimes, most of the time its a little nub poking out with the balls snug close to my body. If I get a semi and I'm turned on that day and have not masterbated the night before, it can hang for some of the day and looks a little more normal.

Heres the kicker... I have a perfectly normal size penis, anywhere from 5.5- 6.5 depending on how turned on I get. I've gotten a lot of complements from women for my size and I know I'm not even in the realm of small. I actually love to show it off erect because eyes light up, I am very proud of it. I'm definitely no porn star but I like it, its great.

But every time I take a piss I have to to admit it, it really bothers me and I try to stretch it out daily.. which helps for a little bit but eventually it returns to its child like state.

This 'condition' if you want to call it that is not genetic.. I have seen my Dads and Brother's penis in the changing room at the same gym many times and when soft, they're huge in comparison, thicker shafts that hang and their balls are hanging lower off their bodies.. they look perfectly normal. I must look like I have the smallest penis to them which is as embarrassing as you can possibly get! So I rarely will change, shower or expose myself soft anywhere now days as you would imagine. I have never seen my families penis's erect (very strange if I did) but I assume theyre no bigger than me.

When I was a kid I was given so many comments I actually have accidently sexualized the humilation, which is the worst thing you can do for your ego and I'm trying to beat that at the moment.

But the reality is that I have a perfectly normal if not large adult erect penis.

The cause is unknown as far as I've researched. I'm thinking it must have something to do with early development and hormones is my best guess. I know I was a post baby (a week or two late) could be that and my Mother did have hormonal issues herself (3 miscarages).

If you're out there dealing with this too, we're probably in this for life, I'm certainly not going to take any strange pills or surgery... thats a big hell no!

Hey, we got it where it counts and we know what we got.

But it is a funny problem.. guess you have to deal with it in humor. Thank my lucky stars that I was given what I've been given but you wont catch me showing it off soft. It's funny, what an irony... you're given a beautiful thing for women... and men must feel very very sorry for you.

All good.... bigger things in my life to deal with than penis size :-)


my penis is small when it is flaccid. But its a good size when it's not. People that are "growers" not "showe-ers" are actually genetically superior. You see, when the penis is small when not engaging in any sexual activity, it causes heat to be conserved and also keeps it from getting caught on anything. In the past, we were not intelligent enough to understand penis size, we were simple animals, but now we do. And we should understand that it does not matter at all, EVERYONE can be wrong. People lack the ability to see the potential in a person, as in their penis size. Perception is not f*****g reality.


Hey everyone im 14 and 5'11 and when i am flaccid i am usually two inches, but when im erect im five inches. Im wondering if i should be worried?? I might still grow cuz im not done growing


The first thing to say in answer to this question is that it doesn't really matter. More concern is usually expressed over the size of the erect penis.
The size of the flaccid penis varies tremendously and depends on a lot of factors, and the environment is one of the most important.
Most men will notice that when they get really cold, the penis shrinks and can almost disappear. This is because the blood vessels in the penis shut down in response to the cold and there is then practically no blood in it. However it will still be able to expand to its usual size when blood flows again.
The resting blood supply to the penis varies from person to person and so their penis in the flaccid state will appear different – but this bears no relation to the size when erect.
As you warm up, the blood flow returns, and the penis appears larger. The penis becomes erect when it is fully engorged with blood.
I'm sure you can see in your own penis a variation in size according to the conditions and really it is of no significance.



I've the same problem others mentioned. I have (almost) nothing when I'm soft, but erect I'm about 6.5 and THICK AS HECK! I've never had sex yet due the combination of (previous) lack of confindence and personal morals, but I know that I'll be perfectly fine when I do. The problem is not yours, it's everyone elses. They simply don't know what you have (men anyways), because they'll never see you hard (unless you are gay).


I'm a 40 yr old woman. Just starting to date a man about 10 yrs older. We've got a little handsy but that's all. I noticed that his penis was flaccid and very small maybe 2 inches. He was very nervous so being flaccid wasn't a big deal. But I'm worried. In our conversations he said he was 6-7 inches (erect). Is this a definite possibility?


Yep could easily be 6-7 inches erect.

Some guys have a large flaccid penis which doesn't increase in size much when it becomes erect and other guys have a small flaccid penis, which grows by significant proportion when erect.

But anyway... penis size isn't everything... right?

Hope thats helped :)