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Please help me because Ive git this really strong feeling that I am preggy. I know its not psychological cause i dont worry about it that much. I dont know if it can be phantom pregnancy as i dont want to be a mom that bad as well. The feeling of getting pregnant is just neautral. So this is what happened, ive never had sex for over a year. Then last Nov 25, i have had protected & unprotected sex, i didnt kniw if my bf came in me but i never saw he withdrawed ir anything. Later in the evening that day, i felt so tired & started getting cramps then fever. The following day Nov 26, I had my period but no more cramos or any pain, it lasted for 4-5 days and its was overflowing unlike the usual. December 2, me and ny boyfriend did it again. He used condom but we didnt know if it broke ir what. I knew ive been starting getting white discharges that timewe did it. Dec 14th (midnight 15th) was the last intercourse we had, i felt muscle pains and slight fever again. Discharges started gettibg intense after that. Increased appetite and craving for junk foods. Felt depressed and sleeoy which is very unlikely to me. 24th i should get my period, but it came a few dayslate 28th December. At first, it was only light pink discharge then sleot the whole day, woke up and felt severe cramps. Tooka 500mg mefenamic (dolfenal) pill and cramos faded a little bit but bled just like the usual reddish pinkish until the followibg day. The following day didnt bleed anymore got some brownish discharge with blackish clots which lasted for 4-5 days. Now feeling lack of appetite, mood swings, oalpitation, headaches, morning fever and chills , increased acid and insomnia. I still have this woman "instincts" saying that i can be possibly preggy. 27th December just night before i got light bleeding, we took a home preg test which is "complicated" gave us 2 lines then 1 line then 2 then 1 final dark line which means negative. Tge day after that thats the time i bled for a day as stated above. Just earlier January 2 early in the morning after wirk as i work night shifts, i took another home oreg test and git anither negative. Could i still be possibly pregnant? My breasts are still swollen but not painful. I feel uneasy and fat and ugly. My feet feeks like im so heavy and it hurts when i walk. I also feel bloated and my lower abdomen is enlarged and a bit hard. Please help me. Honestly, i feel excited as well. But i just wanna make sure so i can prepare myself.


I would take a pregnancy test since your lower abdomen is swollenand hardened.  That was the symptom that caused me to really consiserifiw as pregnant when i was pregnantwith my son. if positive than congratts :)