---> 3 months ago in early August, my husband and i wanted to try and have a baby ( i already have one).
it has been a year yesterday ( october 6, 2009 ) since i had my son. we want another baby. i had my last normal
period in late july. which lasted 5 days. then about a week later is when we started trying for anther baby.
in august i never got my period. in september i got my period.., but it was maby a day if even that, long. about 1 or 2 weeks
later i had the same problem maby a day and it was verrrry light. i didnt have to wear a pad. and in october the 3rd i started my period again and this time i thought i was normal because i actually was bleeding enough to wear a pad. but as soon as i put the pad on i havnt bled since..?!?! and yes this whole time we have been having unprotected sex. <---

*but please do notice that my back has been killing me for about a month now.
*i have been having alot of gas which isnt like me.
*my nipples have even started to leak again not much but when i go to get into the shower i mess with them (maby i shouldnt) but i do and i can squez a lil bit out of them. i do believe they are softer too.
*i do got a lil belly purge.
*i eat a lil more than usual..
*and my whole body is super sensitive!

i have also jus recentlly takin 4 pregancy test.. all negitive.
in betweeen each one i wait a week. so for the past 4 weeks ive been takin them
except these last 2 weeks. now im n here because i do not have medicaid yet and do not have no doctor
so someone please help me out here.

i would greatly appreciate it.