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My boyfriend and I had protected sex two days in a row about 5 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago I got the Depo Provera shot. The nurse who administered it didnt mind that I was in the middle of my cycle at the time. (You're supposed to get the shot at the beginning.) So I didn't have a period when it was due. Knowing that this might have been because of the shot I went ahead and took a pregnancy test which shown negative results anyway. Three days ago I got what I believed to be my Aunt Flow. Only today, after removing a tampon and noticing her having taken a vacation (no more blood) I faced a Half-dollar sized blood red sticky mass in my panties. When I examined it with my fingers there was no liquid or nothing along the lines of a liquidy consistency. I reminded me of a dryer blood clot, actually. When I tore into it I saw a beige material scattered within it. I've had a miscarriage before but the material was unlike this.

Any answers or inquirys are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :-D :-) XD :-P ;-)


I have the exact same thing! What was your outcome?