I'm not as sexually active as people think that's why I decided not get on the pills. But for the past 2 protected sex, i took plan B to be sure. I never had any symptoms, and i get my period a week after i took plan b. but 2 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex and took plan B 4 hours (from the last time we did it) after we had sex. (we kind of did it a couple of times that day) And im experiencing abdominal pains from time to time and sore breasts 2 nights ago. My supposed period is about to start tomorrow but im still worried. 

Been really stressed for the past months and have a new sleeping schedule (doctor said it could mess up your cycle too.) and i've also had irregular periods even before but what worries me is that everytime i take plan b, i get my period a week after but this time i didnt. what should i do? does anyone here took plan b a couple of times and had this problem too? please help. thank youu.