I have a few questions. I took birth control for a couple months then ran out in Dec. I didn't get back on it but my husband and me were using condoms for birth control. We did have sex for 2 secs one night w/o a condom and i immediatley asked him to put one on. I was supposed to start my period Feb 16 and I am now a wk late. Him and I already have a daughter together, I'm wondering if I could be pregnant. My periods are so irregular anyways, and with the birth control pills maybe my hormones are messed up. I'm not having any period signs or hardly any pregnancy signs. Although, I am getting periodic dull pains in my lower abdomen and my stomach itches. (dry skin?) my nipples have produced milky substance when I squeeze them every so often, and I'm having trouble sleeping, I am urinating a lot too, but my breasts do not hurt. Could I be pregnant? I am so confused. Thanks for your help!