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ok, so i think i might be pregnant im not sure if i missed my period but its been a lil sense my last period so i think i might have missed it. but here are my symptoms light spotting pink/brownish for three days like i see it when i use the bathroom so i put on a liner and a lil gets on my liner and then it stops, a mild head ache iv had for about 2 days, some cramping i had for like 3 days they've seem to have gone away tho, a feeling of pressure on my lower back, my boobies seem a little swollen n their a little tender when i touch them i feel a little fuzzy and light headed, i feel a little nauseous and haven't had much of an appetite, and im really irritable iv been like that for 5 days like anything will set me off n usually i get really sad and mopey when i get my period and its only a day before or the day i get my period, im also more tired then usual i go straight to sleep and sleep through the night or only wake up once at night i have insomnia i usually wake up at the most 8 times a night and iv been taking long naps um i think that's it im 17 1/2 and a senior in high school i have a lil over 3 months before i graduate for anyone that's wondering. but my boyfriend keeps telling me about how im not gunna keep the baby if i am pregnant and how he doesn't want a baby and if his parents find out hell get kicked out and you no all this stuff and so i told him if you dont want this baby thats fine but he needs to sign away his parental right because im not gunna take care of our baby by my self and have him show up on my door step asking to see the baby like i feel like he doesnt deserve it because im scared to but i need to except responsibility for my actions and step up so like am i a total b***h for feeling that way i wouldnt want child support from him or anything and i no hes the father and everything but i had a dad that really didnt want to be a dad because he was young but had to and he treated me and my sisters bad because truth was he didnt want to be a dad and me and my sisters are messed up because of it and the way we were treated so i feel like no dad is better then a dad that doesnt want to be one so wat are your thoughts and opinions and wat would you do? i just need some advise

o.0 and sorry about the spelling and punctuation idk if its awful to you guys thats actually pretty good for like a formal letter where i live but i live in Stockton CA so again idk OK! enough talking THANKS GUYS! :D


Honestly I think your getting a little ahead of yourself. Even though your having symptoms I would get a pregnancy test and find out for sure. You can get the cheap ones from the dollar store or walmart for like 88 cents and they work just fine. If its negative I would wait another week and if still no full on period take another test. If its positive I would think about doing adoption. Raising a baby is hard and even harder without help from the father. Your so young and have a long life ahead of you so if your not pregnant why dont you talk to your mother about birth control.