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I had unprotected sex 3 times in the last month, no birth control because I was not expecting to have sex again for a while. I took plan B twice (Dec13th and dec 31) but not after the third time (January 3rd) I had my last period end on December 12th, 28 day cycle. I know if you take plan B twice in one cycle it messes up your period. I took a pregnancy test on the 12th of january and this morning both negative. Ive been experiencing light red, brown spotting starting yesturday (not sure if its my period messed up becausse of the plan B or if its implantation bleeding) I need info!
Thanks in advanced


#1-you should get back on birth control! Plan B is not a good choice for long-term birth control. Even if you don't plan to have sex, birth control helps regulate your periods. Taking birth control methods like plan B can mess up your cycle. My advice to you would be to wait another week, if you don't get your period take another pregnancy test. If that one's negative and you still don't get a normal menstrual cycle, I would go to the Doctor and have them check you out. Then even if you aren't prego you can get on a better, more reliable form of birth control.

Good luck hun