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I am going crazy here. Okay, here's the situation. My boyfriend and I had sex on Christmas (Dec 24th). We used protection. The next time we had sex was on New Years. (of course, Jan 1) That time was also protected. We messed around for a bit, and were going to do the pull out though. There may have been some pre-cum contact. We hadn't gotten to spend time together until about 2 days ago, which made it 3 weeks since our last time. However, I started my period on Jan 4th. I went the full days, and stopped. If i'm right, i'm supposed to start again on Feb 2nd/3rd. That seems to be nothing, right? But i'm having all of these symptoms that are pointing right to pregnancy. Headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, some abdominal discomfort. 2 days ago, my bf made a comment to me about my breasts looking bigger to him. Today, I noticed them being a bit sore. Everything seems to point to that being what's wrong.

I'm panicking because I don't want to freak him out by telling him I may be, and me being completely wrong. However, if I am, we're not ready for it. (Though i'd keep the baby) Even though i'm 20, my parents don't even know i've had sex yet. What a shocker THAT would be for everyone. I think maybe I googled the symptoms, it could be I may be pregnant, and now i'm psyched myself out about it too much. Everything i've read thus far said I can't/shouldn't take a test until after a missed period. I didn't miss the first one though? I should wait until if I miss the one on Feb, but i'm freaked out so badly. I can't go see a doctor about it, because I don't have medical insurance thanks to the health care bill. If I had, I would have been on birth control, and lowered the risk of this happening in the first place.

Sorry for the rambling and it being so long. Please help if you can?


Hi smwelm,

If you had your normal period on January 4th then it is unlikely you were pregnant then. Even if the egg was viable, which is only for about 24-48 hours after you ovulate, it would have not been able to implant.

Usually you'll ovulate around day 14-16, Which would be around the 20th or so. This would be about when you are most fertile and when you say you were last together. Did you use protection then?

It is to early to tell if you are pregnant. The embryo likely would not have even implanted yet. If you are pregnant, you may see some spotting this week. You can run a HPT as early as the 2nd/3rd if you are late but may get a "false negative." If you can, wait about 7-10 days and then test. By that point the hCG hormone would be high enough to be accurate.

Hang in there. Keep us posted.