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I'm 19 years old and lost my virginity on the 18th. I took a test after four days and it came out negative. I know its too soon to know if I am or not. But I need some questions answered. First, it was unprotected sex, he pulled out, but I'm worried about pre cum. I know they say there's no sperm in pre cum unless they have ejaculated prior to it. And I know that there's no way he could of that day cause he was at work all day and I picked him up when he got off and was around him until it happened. I haven't had any symptoms, and I'm not suppose to start my period until January 11th. I plan on taking another test in about a week to make sure. Should I get on birth control even though I don't plan on being sexually active? I feel ashamed :( because I wanted to stay pure until marriage and made a huge mistake..


Dear StressMess

  1. If your period is due to start 11th Jan, then that indicates ovulation on 28th Dec. You are therefore unlikely to have been fertile on 18th Dec.
  2. Pre-cum can contain sperm with some men, according to UK research
  3. I would suggest not going on birth control. It is not necessary if you are not going to be sexually active. The pressure will be greater to have sex again.
  4. Although you have 'lost' your virginity physically, you can still regain your dignity and self respect. There are a number of 'born-again virgins' who have taken the vow of chastity until marriage, having realised they have made a mistake previously. But you will have to examine the way you relinquished your virginity.

I hope this helps as a start. If you want to discuss it further, please do so (privately if it helps)




Thank you for the help. But I have another question. Haha.

So when you said that my ovulation would be on Dec. 28th and I was unlikely to fertile on Dec. 18th, does that mean I'm unlikely to be pregnant? And when should take I should another test to make sure?


Dear StressMess.

Yes, you are highly unlikely to be pregnant. You cannot be pregnant until a released egg has been fertilised and then implanted in your womb.

Note I did not say that your ovulation would be on Dec 28th, but rather that if your period is due to start 11th Jan, then that indicates ovulation on 28th Dec. Your periods come about a fortnight after ovulation when fertilisation and implantation have not occurred. So if ovulation occurs on 28th Dec, you would expect a period 11th January. Sperm can live in a woman's body for about 5 days, so you would be considered fertile 23rd to 28th Dec.

However, the time of ovulation is only estimated. It could happen at any time. So as you had sex on 18th, you would have had to have ovulated 18th to 23rd to fertilise an egg. Implantation would then be expected to occur 9 days later (+/- 3 days). A blood test could show positive 2 days after implantation, or an HPTest 5 days after. But you haven't indicated your normal cycle length or the date your last period started.

I would normally wait until your next period has failed to arrive before taking a test, but as you have only had sex once (18th) and you will not be having it again, you could try as early as 6th Jan.

I hope this helps further, but if you still need help, just ask again. If you want more explanation how your body works, ask.