Okay...I'm glad I caught this early, but here's what's going on.

Sunday and Monday, I forgot to take my pill. This morning (Tuesday) I took 2 pills as told to in the directions if I miss 2 pills. I have 2 more pills set up for tomorrow to take as told again and then one pill a day after that. My period isn't due until October 21-27. Sunday and Monday, my fiance and I had unprotected sex and he did ejaculate both times. I'm not going to see him again until October 24. So I won't be having sex from now till after my period. I'm taking the pills as described if I miss 2 pills (explained above) Am I okay? Do I have to worry about being pregnant? It says that if I miss 2 days, to take 2 pills as soon and I remember and that I WILL need a backup method (condom). It says that I COULD BECOME PREGNANT if I have sex in the 7 days after I restart my pills. I'm confused about that part. I just want to know if I'm going to be alright.