I've been on Yaz 24+4 for 6 months. Last week in my week 4, I've skipped my 23rd active pill (Monday), had sex next morning (Tuesday) and took both of my remaining active pills (23 and 24) on Tuesday night at my regular time.

However, only later did i learn that i was supposed to skip the white pills for that cycle. I didn't. I finished my pack as usual (took all of the white pills) and started the new pack on Sunday as usual.

Normally, I'd start my period on Sunday (day 1 of new pack), however, this month I haven't had my period as I usually do. I've had some spotting from Friday to Monday. That time period usually fits my period but there was simply not enough blood to call it a period.

Now I'm getting slightly worried. Is there a chance I might be pregnant?