My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past four months, and so far no luck. My last period was 1-6, so it's due either today or really soon. I checked my cervix yesterday and the day before, and it was very low and easy to get to, so I figured that my period was due any day now. But today I felt it again, and it is higher then the past couple of days, and is much harder to get to, and i read up on cervical position prior to your period, and it says that it is suppouse to be very low. Which mine was, but now it is alot I am extremely confused. Could this be a possible sign of Pregnancy? I felt pretty nauseated for the past two days. The only thing that i could think of as being a reason that my cervix is higher now, is that me and my boyfriend had sex twice yesterday, would it be possible that from the sex, my cervix was pushed up? Please help me!! Thanx much!