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I always check my cervix because I have a chart on FF,I never get the eggwhite cm,its always watery,well this month I was watery for 8 days,my cervix seems to drop real low during my period,During other times its always medium and it never seems to get real soft,I never have felt it open it always feels closed? Why is that? Or am I just missing it being open?


For several days around the time of ovulation, "fertile" types of mucos are produced, they have a higher water content and are less acidic. This helps guide the sperm thru the cervix to assist in conception.

During your period, the cervix opens slightly to allow your period to flow. This stretching of the cervix is thought to be part of the cramping that many women feel during their periods.

After your period, the cervix under goes a series of position and feel. It will be firm, and it will set low and closed. As you get closer to ovulation, the cervix will rise and open in response to the highre estrogen levels that appear at ovulation.