Hello every one and thank you for taking the time to look at my question......right i have been ttc for the past 9 or so months i have only been tracking my cervix for the past couple of months any way last month a week b4 my af was due my cervix returned to the low firm closed position so i knew i was near af, well this month my cervix has been open for the majority of the cycle from 2 days after af up until the last time i checked about an hour ago......well i am confused because my af is due in a matter of days now and my cervix is very high wet ( lotiony sticky cloudy cm tmi ) and it is still open not as open as it was during ovulation but i am confused do you think this would mean i have actually concieved this month? i have also got a couple of symptoms my boobs are sore, been weeing quite alot and i have been getting period like pain ( i dont usually get period pains until after af has come ) aswell but again i dont know whether this is in my head i have done a hpt but was neg done yesterday please help if any one has any clue to what is happening thank you.....X 8-|
also i am 10dpo X