Okay, so last month I posted on here because I had to take the Morning After Pill. The good news is, it worked! I got my period on the exact date it was due, so thank you ellaOne! So, I have now got a new predicament...

I'm quite young so I don't have sex often, but my boyfriend and I have had sex twice this month. Once on the last day of my period (5th) and again on the (20th). Both times we used condoms. I got my period on the 1st and for the last 3 months my periods have been pretty regular: August 31st, October 1st - so roughly 30 day cycles.

So, I think I will have ovulated around the 17th? Although we used a condom I'm still slightly worried. My breasts have been sore since ovulation last week (the sides in particular) - however, they are not so bad now. I am now due for my period in a 4 days and I have tried to check my cervix position, and it seems to be high up and soft - I can't even find an opening... I have never checked it before, but I go up as far as possible (roughly half my middle finger) and I just come to an end.

I don't see how it's possible, I seemed to have had sex way before ovulation and after it - and I'm pretty certain that I ovulated from the 15th/16th because I had sudden cramps on my left side and stringy CM (sorry for TMI)

Anyway, I just need some opinions and personal experiences. I have also had the occasional dull cramp - nothing painful - in my lower abdomen... My boyfriend and I like to be really careful especially after the hiccups in the past so, I can't say we're irresponsible.

Does this cervix position mean I'm pregnant? Help please.


Thanks everyone.