I am posting this for my girlfriend. I will provide as much background information as possible to help further understand our situation. My girlfriend has a fairly regular cycle. Starts the same day every month, around the 20-22nd. We believe she started the 21st of May. We had unprotected sex the night of the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June. We took Plan B the afternoon of the 9th. Her family is also very fertile. She has 5 sisters who all got pregnant on accident. We have heard that Plan B is ineffective if you have already ovulated. According to her cycle, those are the days she is most fertile or ovulates. My logic is, if the night of the 8th she ovulated, then she most be pregnant, correct? That is when we started to worry. After it settled down on us, we have started deciding we may actually want this kid. We have already told our parents, and to our surprise, they have approved of our decision.

Now yesterday and today, she got some pregnancy side effects. We believe she is having implantation bleeding, as she is having cramps too. She is also starting to crave sweets, has a headache, and threw up around an hour ago.

We also know that spotting, along with craving and headaches can be a part of Plan B's list of side effects. Is my girlfriend pregnant, or is she experiencing side effects from Plan B? Thank you for the help.