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You are probably interested in using some kind of ovulation-detection method if you are trying to get pregnant.

Knowing when you are fertile gives you greater control over the process of trying to conceive, and although there are never any guarantee  you'll feel you are more likely to get pregnant sooner. What should you use? You have heard of ovulation tests and ovulation calendars. How about the saliva test? 

How does saliva tell you about ovulation?

Female hormones, which change throughout the menstrual cycle, leave quite an impact on the whole woman's body! As a woman approaches ovulation, there is more estrogen and with that more salinity. This causes a fern (yep, like the plant!) like pattern in both saliva and cervical mucus. Applying a little saliva to some glass and letting it dry actually give you a lot of information about your fertility!

Fern tests, saliva ovulation kits, of saliva ovulation tests, are one of the many ways to find out when you are fertile. If you are curious about trying the saliva method to figure out what your most fertile days are, you'll be interested to see how your saliva patterns change during your cycle. You'll need a glass slide and a little microscope, which you can buy commercially in a handy kit exactly for the purpose of testing your ovulation. If you already have a microscope, that will do the trick just fine of course.

So, what exactly should your dried saliva look like under a microscope, depending on where in your cycle you are? During the non-fertile period of your cycle, you can expect your sample to look like little grains of sand, in a dotted-like pattern, spread in groups throughout your slide. While you are approaching your ovulation but are not quite there yet, you may notice that those grains are starting to form into a bigger. When you are really close to ovulation or already there, you will see whole ferns, that look like real plants with leaves. Saliva ovulation tests can be wonderful, as they are easy to use and not expensive. There is a con as well though not every woman has fern patterns, and not every woman actually recognize them when they are there (because of the quality of your microscope, for example). Smoking, eating and drinking, and brushing your teeth can all change the way your dried saliva looks as well. If you want to give the fern test a go, do so with the knowledge that they do not work for everyone.

Buying saliva ovulation tests

Fern test kits can easily be obtained online, from sites like Amazon. They cost between $25 and $60. The saliva testing kits come with instructions, and some microscopes are better than others. If you already have a microscope, you are probably better off using that. Are you new to ovulation testing? Saliva testing could be a little confusing to you. While you are buying your saliva testing kit, you should also consider buying ovulation predictor kits, in other words urine testing kits. When you think your fern test shows up positive, do a urine test after that to see if both are positive and you can be certain you are ovulation. Getting used to ovulation saliva tests takes a few cycles. After that, if you are happy with the method and it works for you, you will not need ovulation predictor kits any longer. Do you have personal experience with fern tests? We'd love to hear your story. Leave a comment below to tell us what you think about saliva ovulation tests, and leave your tips for future users!

  • Photo courtesy of 123rf (stock photos)
  • Photo courtesy of 123rf (stock photos)

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