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im 16..i might be not sure... =\

i hate how pregnancy and period symptoms are alike.

a week ago i woke up with crazy acne on my face..which never happens..i usually get one or two before i start my period..thats about it.

im gettin this milky white discharge..its not "slimy or stretchy" like ovulation discharge...

and im getting these lil cramps..that last for a few seconds and then go away...they dont seem like period cramps though...because they usually last longer.

im so moody it isnt even funny..and my nipples are a lil sore.

id wait to take a preg. test but my period is VERY VERY i never know when its coming..

i really need some help...thank you..and i appreciate it.


A blood pregnancy test would be much more accurate in early pregnnacy than a urine PG test, and you can get one at a Planned Parenthood.

You absolutely do not need parental consent for Birth control, pregnancy testing services, or anything else planned parenthood offers. You also do not NEED parental consent for abortion, it is easy to 'bypass consent', and most clinics help with the process. I am telling you this just in case you did not know, so that you would know your rights =)