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i was having sex with my boyfriend on saturday, and today is monday. during intercourse his condom started to slip off but he made sure he got out in time but still asked if i felt anything weird. i wasnt sure at all and i am scared i could be pregnant
what are some early symptoms of pregnancy before your missed period?

also, i am not legal and i wouldnt be able to tell my parents if i was. in my state you do not need parental consent of getting an abortion but i have no idea how id get the money.

my stomach has been hurting but i don't know if that is from a cold since its winter, but im very scared.


YOU would not be pregnant yet AT ALL!

Pregnancy takes up to 2 weeks to fully happen, and you would not get symptoms until you were 4-6 weeks pregnant.

AS long as he caught the condom, you are okay.

YOU DO NOT need parents for birth control, and planned parenthood usually can get it for teens for free.

There are a few states that do not require parents...

New York
New jersey

BUT you can get a JUDICIAL BYPASS in ANY other state, which means you do not have to tell your parents.

GET PLAN B MORNING AFTER PILL if you are worried. It can be taken up to 5 days after sex!


thank you very much, how do you exactly get the morning after pill though? would i have to go to the doctor or can you get it over the counter?


Planned Parenthood sells the Morning after pill, and other birth control pills.

You can walk right in without an appointment to get the morning after pill.

You should give the closest Planned Parenthood a call.


This is a nationwide hotline which puts you in contact with your closest PP, just follow the directions on the phone =)


You can also get Plan B at your local pharmacy, it's "behind the counter" rather than over the counter, which means you do not need a prescription, but you do however need to the age of 18- otherwise you need a prescription.