Researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine set up a test to find whether stress contributes to acne break out since many of their patients complained about breaking out before exams or other stress-related situations.

Ninety four students from Singapore have been recruited as they needed a stable climate to exclude weather factors. All the study participants were an average age of just under 15 and undergoing annual exams to see if they could go on to university or into a less-rigorous program.

They were given questionnaire used in stress researches to fill out before mid-year exams and during the summer break. The difference was obvious with exam time contributing to breakouts.

The exam time did not contribute to rise in blackheads and whiteheads that are caused by sebum overproduction and clogged pores. However, pustules and pimples that are linked to inflammation got drastically worse.

A doctor in charge of the study said that stress has similar effects on other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, chronic itch. He said that our skin may be the mirror of what is going on in our heads.