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Hi, I'm a nineteen year old girl and two mornings ago had sex for the first time (we used condoms for full penetration). I'm a little confused - after first full penetration there was nothing 'on the sheets' per se, but when I went to the bathroom I found that I had a brown discharge. The next day it had changed to blood. I'm confused because this is what happens when I get my period, but what about my hymen? As I am still bleeding now (it's really heavy) is it my period or is it related to the sex? My periods have always been irregular so I don't always know when they are coming. I didn't get the horrible period pains I always get on my first day of menstruation. Also I'm a little sore down there, to the touch and when I urinate. Is everything normal? Is the blood from losing my virginity? I'd appreciate any response, I don't really know what's going on.

Thank you.


The brownish discharge may have been blood and cum. Some girls bleed a lil and some a lot. It's normal to bleed.