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I lost my virginity saturday night,(Using a condom.)and should have had my period that next Monday-Tuesday, but I never did. I am slightly worried that I might be pregnet. Seeing as I am almost a week late.

Am I over reacting? Or should I give it a little longer? Could I be just scared cause I was nervous about having sex for the first time?(Seeing as getting pregnet was the only thing holding me back?)

We have had sex 2-3 time more since Satuday also.(Using a condom everytime.) I was wondering if it is possible that since it was my first time that it would make my period late. Like maybe a stretch of the vagina or something. I also heard that It could be because of stress or being scared of being pregnet. That that would also make it slightly late.

I dont want to worry my Boyfriend or anything if this is nothing.

So my questions was...
Can my period be late because it was my first time?

Some advice, really fast. Would help this worried girl out, thanks. :/


I almost have the same thing! Like I don't know if I'm stressed, and that's the problem, I don't really know. Its been 2 weeks since we had sex. It was protected yes, he used a condom. I'm not sure if he pulled out before he ejaculated or not. I've been having a constant headache, my sleep has been lacking, I've had slight spottyness here n there, About a week or two ago my discharge was a funky yellow/green/brown n smelled a lil but its the only time that happened, and when I asked my partner about it he said he only slept with two different woman, one of which was a virgin and he always uses condoms so I was thinking it was nothing, he also said the condom didn't break when I told him I was kind of scared of being pregnant. I should be starting sumtime dis week, or last week which is kind of Worrying me that I haven't . I've had a lot of other things been stressing me out, and today I was gassy which freaked me out. So I don't no if my periods being weird or if I'm too stressed . I'm almost forgot to mention it Seems I didnt bleed at the beginning of the month like usual either. Please help I can't sleep cause of this /: