okay so i have been on a high dose of prednisone about 40mg for about two months and i have deffinitley seen the sideeffects all over me. ive gained weight and everything but what im really concerned about now is the fact that i have little bumps with cores in them all over and now they are suddenly on my vulva or labia just at the bottom and all over might i add they are tiny and under the surface i freaked when i felt them im wondering if they are from prednisone or if i should be worried.. im in a relationship and am very much sexually active but only with the same guy for the past two years so i dont think its an std im just wondering what exactly they are? please help

also if anyone else has been on prednisone how long did it take to lose the weight and the acne and just feel normal again// ????

i totally warn against these drugs they are the worst things i have ever taken and ive been on a lot of stuff.!