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With summer turning to autumn the nights are drawing in and the rain is more frequent, but don't let this stop you enjoying your running. At this time of year footwear is very important to avoid injuries and these top eight options give a great selection.

The best thing about running outdoors is enjoying the variety of scenery though different running trails or watching the ocean roll in and out as you pound the sand or board walk. But with autumn bringing less than favourable conditions it is important to think about your running gear if you want to continue enjoying the changing seasons while running. In particular, footwear is essential with more dampness in the air meaning grip becomes important and the rigidity of the shoe for different terrains must be considered. The following trainers are the top eight options for outdoor running in the present market.

Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco 2

These trainers are primarily designed for the outdoor trail runner to keep traction and maintain speed when running on rugged ground.

One of the best features of the this trainer is the lowered midsole which allows you to have full contact with the surface to enable the trainer to get as much grip as possible.

This also enables a steady ride to avoid losing balance when running over uneven surfaces. The trainers also benefit from Asics' cushioning in both the fore and rear foot of the trainer to provide a soft and smooth ride. The other great feature is the rock plate to help protect your feet from hard objects on the sole of your feet.

New Balance 1260v3

This shoe is designed with lightweight stability in mind using the FantomFit technology to give the highest level of heel cushioning. The biggest problem with a trainer being lightweight is that it usually compromises in stability but even though New Balance have reduced the weight of the 1260v it is maintained a high level of stability making it a great outdoor trainer. Improvements to the rubber sole have improved the amount of the sole that comes in contact with the surface to give more traction on the road but isn't very well suited to trail running.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara

Mizuno are well known for making and developing excellent running shoes and these are no exception. Typically suited for outdoor running these trainers have an outsole which has been designed specifically to enhance grip and traction for running on wet or uneven surfaces. They also benefit from a breathable airmesh system to avoid the feet from overheating and keeping them cool which is combined with Intercool which is a ventilation system running through the sole. The Sayonara also provides a high level of cushion ability to provide a gentle and smooth ride.

Scott Kinabalu 2.0

Designed primarily for off road and trail running these outdoor running shoes tick all of the boxes for autumn running. They are full of the newest running technologies including eride for efficient running patterns and Aerofoam for a fully cushioned performance to help when landing on tough terrains.

The low mid sole allows full traction with the grounds surface which is combined with wet-traction rubber to maintain grip when running on wet surfaces.

The shoe also has full 360 degree visible reflectors for evening or dark running and rock protection plate across the sole to prevent injuries when landing on rocks, stones or branches.

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