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Exercising doesn't have to be boring so take every chance you have to spend time with your kids and get fit at the same time! Try these simple ways to exercise and enjoy some family time together.

Everyone knows that exercise is important in order to maintain a healthy body. Obesity is on the rise in both adults and children with rates in the USA for children aged 6-11 at 18% and in adolescents at 21%. In 2012 one in three children and adolescents were obese and this is slowly rising. Similarly, adults in the USA have seen a huge increase in the prevalence of obesity topping the world ranking at 30% of adults in the obese category. Therefore if there are ways to exercise with your children this can benefit the whole family as well as spending that quality time together that going to the gym or classes can take away from.

Outdoor Adventure Parks

Getting out and about with the family is a great way to get fit with everyone without really thinking about it.

Adventure parks are designed for the whole family to get involved in at a range of ages.

 These parks are giant obstacle course's that include high ropes, climbing frames, zip lines and other similar features which are great fun as well as being challenging physically. There is a great emphasis on safety at these parks with all participants wearing safety hats and harnesses so there is no need to worry about that.

The physical benefits of these places are a plenty with the high ropes building balance and coordination, the climbing frames are great to build strength and the zip lines improve mental health with improvements in confidence and self awareness. Often jumping off the high ropes requires motivation from your family and there are great chances to bond with your children in these situations. The whole day will burn huge amount of calories as well as burning calories for 48 hours after because of the muscle work you do climbing and traversing new environments.

Hula Hooping!

Most of us had a hula hoop as a child whether male or female, and if we didn't have one we knew someone who did. And its probably likely that you don't remember it ever feeling like a workout and could hula hoop for hours on end and always have the energy for more. But it has become a new technique for adults to use to exercise with the burn calories and tone up. So if you haven't got one yet go and buy one for both you and your children and you will see some great benefits.

Firstly, hooping improves and tones the abdominal muscles and obliques as your core muscles are working hard to control and keep the rotation moving and keep the hula hooping swinging. Also because you will keep trying it improves your aerobic stamina because you wont want to give up when the kids are out doing you! While hooping you will also burn a great amount of calories.

A 2010 study by the American Council on Exercise found that hooping burns up to 420 calories per hour so a quick half hour of fun with your children could burn off 210 calories.

The American Council has also attributed hooping to give similar benefits to undertaking an aerobics class, so instead of going out, stay in and have some hooping fun with your loved ones.

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