I started depo nov 2012 for a month i had no period then i started spotting for the next 2 months i got my second shot stopped bleeding then may 2013 i came off the shot and had 2 periods i got back on the shot right away the same month and didnt have a period until the last month of it (august 2013) i spotted for 2 days..it was really light..then i week before it wore off i spotted for a day..and havent had a period or spotted since..me and my bf were unprotected while i was coming off the shot and continued after being off of it. its now end of september sometimes i feel nautious my breasts are startin to hurt...and i get irritated faster than normal with my 2 yr old and his dad...could i be pregnant???? P.s. my friend got off her shot didnt get a period but was preg a month or so after it wore off