Recent research found that yoghurt which contains live bacteria can have significant results on people’s metabolism. Yoghurt is kind of dietary supplement that contains bacteria of great importance for people’s metabolism. This new study found how probiotics change biochemistry of microbes which live in the gut and play great role in human metabolism. During the study on mice researchers transplanted human gut microbes and gave mice two types of different probiotic drink. One kind contained bacteria which helps human digestive system.

Results of the study showed that probiotics had impact on metabolism changing the structure of the bugs in the gut and also changed how much fat the body is able to absorb. Researchers say that results are promising when it comes to personalized nutrition. Study showed that probiotics have great effect and they interact with other bacteria. It seems that friendly bacterias can change dynamics of all microbes located in the gut.

This study is of great importance because it opens new possibilities for new probiotic treatments. However, more research needs to be done in order to find how probiotics interact with microbes.