Recent research found that Cranberry juice is not only a tasty drink but it’s also helpful in treating recurrent urinary tract infections in women. UTIs are one of the top reasons why people seek medical treatment and cranberry juice has been used for many years as a prevention of developing UTIs in the first place.

Researchers are not yet sure how the mechanism works. Previous studies found that molecules in the juice are able to prevent bacterias to stick to surfaces and therefore make it difficult for an infection to show up. During this new research, experts investigated impact of cranberry products on people’s UTIs problems. Participant were divided into three groups. First group received cranberry juice, second group placebos and third group ordinary water. Results of the study showed that cranberry juice and capsules were able to prevent recurrent infections in women.

Researchers found benefits of cranberry juice on treating UTIs but now they need to determine how much of cranberry juice a person needs to drink and how long they need to drink it before they start to feel better.