Some previous researches claim that artificial low calorie sweeteners can help people to reduce weight but this new study finds during research on mice that artificial sweeteners actually helped them to gain weight. Researchers say that sweet taste of sweeteners with no calories makes body craving for food. During the research experts gave one group of mice yoghurt sweetened with sugar and the other group yoghurt sweetened with saccharin. Later they supplied animals with plenty of food.

Results showed that mice in saccharin group ate more calories and gained more weight than other group of mice who ate yoghurt sweetened with sugar. Researchers say that these animals didn’t cut back on their food later in order to regulate their weight. These findings clearly indicate that consuming low calorie saccharin can be related to greater body weight gain than consumption of higher calorie sugar.

However other experts and scientists claim that this study didn’t provide enough evidence that artificial sweeteners could be counterproductive in human diet. It’s clear that more research needs to be done because other studies tested on humans clearly showed that low calorie sweeteners can help people to reduce weight.