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Researchers claim that proper diet and healthy lifestyle can be of great importance for people’s ability to react on some drugs, especially when it comes to cancer drugs. In the study researchers found that nutrients in the environment played great role when it comes to fitness of cells that carry genetic mutations that are caused by some diseases. During the study scientists removed one or two copies of all yeast genes similar to removing set of genes that belong to one parent and than scrutinized the resulting fitness under various dietary restrictions.

Scientists found interesting fact that in certain environmental conditions when one copy of certain genes is removed it produces opposite effect and than yeast cells grow more quickly and turn out to be more healthier. Researchers also found that effect mainly transpired in genes involved proteasome which represent quality – control system within the cells that degrades unwanted proteins. Proteasome is important because it has ability to maintain equilibrium of the cell and when this equilibrium is lost it results in various diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

This study is important because it suggests that patients should consider changing their diet and lifestyle before starting to take prescribed medications in order to provide more beneficial results.


Hello helene,

It's not surprising that researchers have discovered that changing lifestyle is important for a patient's recovery.  Quite often the patient's illness was brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle.  So it becomes imperative that a patient alter their lifestyle to a more healthy one to be able to recovery.  This may take a while for the patient to get used to but it is necessary.  Only through a change in lifestyle will the patient have any longevity.  It's probably a good idea for doctors to talk with their patients  before any surgery has to be done or any medication has to be taken so the patient knows what they are getting into.  This can help prepare the patient ahead of time so they can be comfortable with the idea.