So I started birth control two months ago. My doctor told me to give it a good two months to let it work before I have sex. I have been having the normal regulated periods. For three weeks on the pill and one week off for my period, things are working normally.
Well I have been having unprotected sex BUT most of the time if not all of the time, my boyfriend will stop in the middle of sex to put a condom on just to be safe. I know that sounds stupid. He refuses to cum unless he has a condom on and he swears he knows that he never pre-cums in me because if he is even close to it, he will put a condom on.
Well I have been experiencing bloatness and lumpy feelings in my stomach right by my bowels, I guess it could be gas. I also have been tired, getting head aches, and craving anything I see on television. I'm not expecting my period for a week and a half but I'm just really scared. I know that with the pill, it's really hard to get pregnant. HELP!