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pls can u help to knw wht is PTB RESIDTULS BASAL HYPERARATION and wht is the fibrocalcific densites  an wht is the meaning of the upper lobe.and heart is not in enlarged an the DIAPHRAGM FLATTED OSSEOUS INTACT


Though I am not a pulmonary specialist, this is what I came up with as far as terminology and the meaning behind each item:

PTB: pulmonary tuberculosis

Residual Basal Hyperaeration: In the bases of the lungs, there is residual hyperaeration: this is an abnormal indicative of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Fibrocalcific densites: There is dense "scarring" in the lungs caused by calcification.

Upper Lobe:  The upper part of the lung.

Diaphragm Flatten:  Hyperinflation of lungs

Osseous: Bony thorax (ribs, vertebrae)

All of this information together represents an assessment and reading of an x-ray of the chest area.  This patient looks to have tuberculosis and other lung abnormalities indicative of COPD.