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I got a chest x-ray and the result was "No active lung infiltrate seen. Nodular calcific densities in the right lung base. Pulmonary vascular markings are withing normal limits. Heart is not enlarged. Diaphragm and bony thorax are unremarkable.

Right basal calcific nodule (granuloma ?)"

is something wrong with me? can you please tell me what does it mean.

thank you very much....


Hello there b0oris,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! So don’t panic and don’t thing that you have granuloma or something even worse like cancer. I am curios though how come your doctor didn’t inform you about meaning of your results? I presume that you were too afraid to ask, but it is not good explanation for the doctor’s behavior not to inform you about the test results.

Furthermore, you are stressing yourself out and trying to find the answer online. So why do you have insurance? I hope that this will change in the future, and if it doesn’t change the doctor. I hope this was helpful and good luck.