I quit Kariva 3.5 months ago and have gained 10 lbs since. I stopped gaining recently but I'm now 137 pounds and I usually would be around 126 or so. I noticed the weight gain because I gained a pound a week for the first three months while picking up my workout routine/ eating a lot better. I know the rate I should be losing weight and nothing works. I've used DIM, all the vitamins on the planet, Myomin, Adrenal Health, etc. Nothing works. I also eat lots of healthy fats to support hormone production. I took a saliva test about a month ago and I was LOW estrogen, but my pg/e2 was way low. So both Progestin and Estrogen were technically low. Definitely believe estrogen dominance is causing the weight gain and bloat, which my saliva test results basically said.

Question is - I see so many people talking about the weight gain but I'm wondering if it EVER comes off. No women come back to the threads and say if they started losing weight and at what point????

Please help!!