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Hi, My wife is got pregnancy which we dont want that, we consulted the doctor regarding this. and they are ready give madicine. But my doubt is..
I want to know..
Is this effect on next pregnancy (May be after one year)
What are side effects may come.
Is she able to ___ the pains
How it'll effect on her health..
How many days before she have to take the medicine

and pls tell me how the other things will be?

Thanks in advance


These are all questions that only your doctor can answer. The only thing i have to say is that you should have taken safeguards to prevent this unwanted baby. Ex: Condoms, birth control pills, diaphrams, iud's, spermacides and even something as simple as "pull it out"

We are adults, not teenagers and we should know what could happen when we have unprotected sex. I am not judgeing you nor am i condeming you or your wife. I'm just saying that both you and your wife need to be more responsible and protect yourself from another mishap.