New lung cancer study is trying to determine how can blood thinner drug be used to treat patients diagnosed with lung cancer. Researchers found that Dalteparin can be potential drug that can improve survival rates in lung cancer patients. Patients diagnosed with lung cancer have increased risk of developing blood clots in their veins because of chemotherapy and other lung cancer treatments. These clots may be dangerous if they dislodge and end up in lungs. They are also cause of chest pain and loss of breath. Other drug called Fragmin is also potential drug that has anti cancer effect and that can improve quality of life in lung cancer patients. Study is trying to prove that this drug may affect the way cancer cells spread through the blood.

Researchers are trying to find way to reduce risk of blood clothing in lung cancer patients and to improve current treatments for this disease. More effective treatments are needed to be found because lung cancer is one of the major causes of death in the whole world. Also, existing treatments for lung cancer are not effective enough and hopefully this research will find new ways to reduce symptoms of this disease and find better treatment options.