New research found that non – invasive biomarker is showing promising results in detection of prostate cancer and say that this method is better than any other screening method that’s currently in use. This new method represents simple urine test that has ability to detect the presence of 4 different RNA molecules.

During the research this new method identified 80% of patients who were found to have prostate cancer. This test also appeared to be 60% effective in ruling out disease in other study participants. Researchers claim that this test is more accurate than PCA3 test which screens for a molecule specific to prostate cancer. They say that this biomarker can be improved with uncovering of further molecular causes of prostate cancer.

During the research experts found out that when tested as individual biomarkers three of them outperformed PSA which previously identified all participants in the study as potentially positive for prostate cancer. Researchers revealed that the combination of four biomarkers showed positive results in predicting prostate cancer in more than 75% of the cases and that is better than PCA3 test alone.