Researchers found that cancer can be discovered earlier by new cancer blood test which uses microchip technology . This technology investigates blood and searches for tumor cells that come from solid tumors and circulates through the blood. This represents new and effective tool for cancer research and possible treatment. Although this study needs more research it’s clear that it has important influence on monitoring response of tumor to the treatment and allows changes in therapy if treatment is proven not to be effective. It’s also important because it can detect tumor in it’s early stages.

Circulating cancer cells are hard to detect because they are rare and this new test uses a tiny chip to process large volumes of blood in a very gentle manner. This chip was tested on patients diagnosed with lung, breast, prostate, pancreatic and colon cancer. Results showed that chip spotted circulating cancer cells in 99% off cancer cases even if there were only 5 cells in one milliliter of patient’s blood. Results also indicate that there were no cancer circulating cells found among healthy people.

Another research used this blood test to monitor changes in cancer circulating cells levels and chip was proven to be highly sensitive so this study represents great importance in future cancer treatment.