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hi there...3 years ago i was diagnosed with testicular cancer...had intensecycles of chemo and had surgery to remove left testicle and also surgery to remove tumours in my abdominal/reproductive area (cant remember the exact name for the area) anyway i was given the all clear bassically (remmision) about 1 yr later and ever since the surgery i have only been able to ejaculate tiny amounts of thin clear water like fluid....after few months i was told to try sudafed.... 2-3 sudafed i took and after alot of hit and miss trails ..i find that waiting 2 and half- 3hrs before sex/masterbation tolet the sudafed do its job (apparently it tightens up the damaged areas from surgery internal) anyway i can produce alot more substance on the looks nothing like the seman i used to edjaculate before surgery has a yellow tinge...and looks like chopped up jelly in clear glue..if that makes sense...its not nice and white and smooth in with seman looking like this....why does it look so ?? and will my chances of getting my partner pregnant with seman of this quality be slim ? i understand i have retrograde ejaculation...but with the help of sudafed a can still produve some substance...but is the substance useless? cheers and good health to you.


I had prostate surgery 4 yrs ago, left with retrograde ejaculation ever since. One uroligist told me the surgery damaged the muscle at the neck of the bladder. Another uroligist told me that surgery makes the area behind the surgery larger, and ejaculate goes to path of least resistance. My testosterone is 997, well above normal. I talked to one man, same surgery, said they put in a stint which corrected the problem, no troubles since. I tried the large doses of  sudafed. Didn't help and had an adrenalane rush which made it react to my depresion meds (wellbutrin). Thought I was going crazy.. so stopped that. I found an article on-line, can not post here, but it was specifically done for men like yourself for fertility problems. They put cologen ejections around the neck of the bladder, so it is no longer the path of least resistance. The last uroligist said he wouldn't do that, and I needed to live with the fact it would not get better and to not come back! I am waiting for a referral to come through for another uroligist. I talked to the nurse in his office ,who had been there 8 yrs. and said she doesn't remember him ever treating anyone for it. Maybe your Dr. can look into the collagen treatment , being it has been developed for fertility problems. I hope you have better luck than I have had with uroligists. Good Luck