Cancer is on the second place as a cause of death, right behind the heart attack , but it is estimated that in 21. century it will be cause number one.

Recent study found that the radiotherapy often exceeds time limit that is appropriate and by analyzing frequency of radiotherapy in patients diagnosed with breast, lung, head, cervix and endometrium cancer researchers reported the important differences in radiotherapies among hospitals included in the research.

Differences are based on the type and purpose of treatment, methods used in treatment, and total dose of therapy itself.

Study reveals that radiotherapy is not used as much for cancer treatment as expected and that is partly because hospitals are not completely equipped and partly because of doctor’s preferences.

Also, study finds that even though patients start their cancer therapy treatment on time, radiotherapy often exceeds time limits appropriate for treatment and this excess of time is probably caused because patients receive treatment which includes surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy all together.

Scientists think that health authorities should adjust materials necessary for the treatment and on the other hand, they should improve cancer treatment protocol based on scientific facts.